How To Install Recessed Lighting?

How To Install Recessed Lighting?

When installing a suspended ceiling, it's important to think about the different elements that will have to be integrated. For example, recessed LED lights, a bathroom fan, a light fixture, speakers, etc.

Embassy ceilings are designed to support recessed LED lights without difficulty. However, if the weight of the item you wish to install exceeds the one of a LED recessed fixture, then it is recommended that it be fixed directly to the structure.

This article presents the 3 steps to a successful installation:

1. Determine the weight of the recessed lights or other elements to be installed on the ceiling.

2. Drill with a hole saw and install the panel.

Percer avec un emporte-pièce

Installer le panneau


3.  Install the ecessed lights or other elements.

Installer le luminaire


4. Continue with the regular Embassy ceiling installation steps to complete your project!


For more details, check out the specific video on the subject here :

Bulkhead video


You can also watch the full installation video :

Full installation video

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