How To Soundproof Your Embassy Ceiling?

How To Soundproof Your Embassy Ceiling?

One of the most common concerns when installing a suspended ceiling is whether or not it will be soundproof. Our Embassy ceiling is not soundproofed as such, however, it is possible to soundproof your ceiling by installing a soundproof mineral wool and a soundproof panel.

This article will show you the 3 main preliminary steps to follow before continuing with the regular process of installing a suspended ceiling.

1. Install a soundproof mineral wool and a soundproof panel.

Installer laine et panneau


2. Build the structure, making sure that the distance between the woodlaths is less than 24 inches between them.

Less than 24 inches


3. Align the template on the room center line.

Aligner le gabarit au centre


4. Proceed with the regular Embassy ceiling installation steps to complete your project!


For more details, check out the specific video on the subject here :

Bulkhead video


You can also watch the full installation video :

Full installation video

See also the complete Installation Guide

Additional videos on the topic are also available in our Learning Center.

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