How To Make a Bulkhead?

How To Make a Bulkhead?

Install a suspended ceiling, why not! The challenge can be more complex when hiding a ventilation duct.

Embassy Ceilings has THE solution for you! With just a few tips and simple steps, you can achieve a perfect bulkhead that matches your ceiling.

The solution: first of all, you need to create a new structure on which the anchors will be installed to support the suspended ceiling panels.

Below are the steps to make a bulkhead and hide a ventilation duct:

1. Build a structure around the element to be covered.

Créer une structure












2. Insert a piece of cardboard from the packing box to support the back of the panel.

Insert a piece of cardboard


3. Install the anchors on the structure.

Installer les ancrages


3. Glue the main crossbars together to create an inside and outside 90° corner.

Coller les traverses principales


4.  Cut and insert the panels between the main crossbars. Then cut and glue the secondary crossbars.

Coller les traverses secondaires


5. Cut 3/8 inch wide support and insert them inside the crossbar to support the pannels.



6. Take the inside measurement of the crossbar and add 3/8 inch to cut the panels.


For more details, check out the specific video on the subject here :

Bulkhead video


You can also watch the full installation video :

Full installation video

See also the complete Installation Guide

Additional videos on the topic are also available in our Learning Center.

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