How To Lower A Ceiling?

How To Lower A Ceiling?

It's not always easy to hide a plumbing pipe, a drainpipe or electrical wires when installing a suspended ceiling.

You wish to "finish your basement" and you are looking for THE solution so that the result is beautiful, practical and contemporary? This article is for you!

With Embassy Ceilings, the challenge is much easier and the result is impeccable!

Follow our expert's steps to install a ceiling that is less than 1 1/8 inch high, allowing you to "hide" pipes and wires while maintaining convenient access.

The solution: first create a new structure on which the anchors that support the suspended ceiling panels will be installed.

The following are the steps for lowering a ceiling :


1. Determine the new desired height.


2. Take the mesurements to make the new structure.

It must be taken into account that the distance between the visible surface of the ceiling and the new structure is  1 - ¾ inch.

Mesures à prendre


3. Evaluate materials needed to make the struture.

  • 2X4
  • Plywood
  • Screws
  • Etc.


4. Build the structure.

Making sure that the distance between the wood laths is less than 24 inches between them.

Less than 24 inches


5. Install the rails and anchors on the structure.

Perpendiculairement à la structure


6. Complete the installation of the main and the secondary crossbars, as well as the ceiling panels.


For more details, check out the specific video on the subject here :

Bulkhead video


You can also watch the full installation video :

Full installation video

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Additional videos on the topic are also available in our Learning Center.

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