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Suspended Ceilings

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Contemporary Design

Sleek and timeless, the coffers blend in with any decor. Excellent quality finish with no visible nails or screws. The tiles are also compatible with recessed lights.


Access to piping

The Embassy system allows only 1 ¾ space between structure and ceiling, maximizing the height of the room, while maintaining access to all ducts, pipes or electrical cables. The rail system also enables you to adjust the height and even level a ceiling slightly, if necessary.


Quick installation

Installing an Embassy ceiling requires half the installation time of a traditional suspended ceiling. For two people with the right tools, a standard sized room can be covered in a weekend.

Innovative Installation System


  • Laminated MDF
  • 61cm × 61cm × 0.6cm (24in. × 24in. × ¼in.)
  • Sold in boxes of 4
  • 1 box covers a 16 sq. ft. surface area


  • Laminated MDF
  • 244cm × 7.6cm × 1.59cm (96in. × 3in. × 5/8in.)
  • Sold individually or in boxes of 10


  • Laminated MDF
  • 61cm × 7.6cm × 1.59cm (24in. ×3 in. × 5/8in.)
  • Sold individually or in boxes of 10


  • Plastic material
  • 29.21cm × 1.91cm × 3.18cm (11.5in. × 0.75in. × 1.26in.)
  • Fit into main crossbars
  • Serves as bridge between crossbars and anchors
  • Height-adjustable
  • Please make sure to keep full length to maintain ceiling sturdiness.
  • Sold in bags of 10 with anchors


  • Plastic material
  • 6.5cm ×3.2 cm × 1.5cm (2.6in. × 1.26in. × 0.6in.)
  • Attached to ceiling structure
  • Serves as rail and crossbar support
  • Sold in bags of 10 with rails


  • Only one template is required per installation
  • 76.2cm × 3.81cm × 1.59cm (30in. × 1.5in. × 0.63in.)
  • Used to measure distance between anchors and between anchors and walls
  • Sold separately
  • Table Saw
  • Mitre saw
  • Drill
  • Chalk line
  • Tape measure
  • Level (if necessary)
  • Stepladder
  • #8, 1" wood screws, square or quadrex screwdriver bit, domed head

Durable Robust Timeless Washable

Boost your home's value

The Embassy ceiling is the perfect solution to complete a basement or replace a damaged traditional suspended ceiling. Its affordable price and fast installation ensure a quick increase in the value of a home and create an impact.

1 ¾ "
¼ "
Panel thickness
2 ' x 2 '
Panel size

Perfect for

Replacing a traditional suspended ceiling

Hiding stucco or plastered ceilings

Low-level rooms like basements

Homemade renovation projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing an Embassy ceiling can be considered a “weekend project”. Installation time will be influenced by certain factors, such as:

  • Your skill level
  • The area to be covered
  • Cutting constraints
  • The number of people available (we recommend at least 2)
  • Your tools

We recommend that you allow the material to acclimatize to the room 48 hours before starting the installation.

The Embassy ceiling system consists of tiles (panels), main crossbars, secondary crossbars and a rail and anchoring system. Panels and crossbars are made in Canada from laminated MDF.

As with MDF moldings, Embassy ceiling components can expand and contract when exposed to changes in humidity and temperature.

The recommended humidity level is between 45 and 55%. Making sure that the panels are not cut too tightly along the walls and leaving a space between the crossbars and the panel will give the necessary clearance to accommodate any dimensional changes resulting from humidity fluctuations. It is also important to allow the material to acclimatize in the room for 48 hours before installation.

We recommend avoiding installing an Embassy ceiling in an area where it may come into direct contact with water.

Yes. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Make a wood structure to cover the element to be bypassed.
  2. Attach the anchors to the wooden structure
  3. Stick the main cross bars together to create a 90 degree angle inside and outside.
  4. Cut the panels and the secondary crossbars so as to insert them vertically and horizontally between the main crossbars.
  5. If you wish, you can use sealant to seal the joints between the main crossbars.

Embassy suspended ceilings have the same acoustic and soundproofing properties as gypsum.

Embassy Ceilings can be painted using the same process of painting a finished melamine product. Apply the proper primer before applying the finishing coat of paint. We recommend that you speak to a paint expert for professional advice on choosing the right products and tools.

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